Marble Falls City Council

Burnet County citizens debate masks

Before and after Marble Falls City Councit members voted no on making face coverings mandatory in the city, they received a barrage of calls, emails, letter and notes on both sides of the issue. On the day of the vote by teleconference July 2, councilors hosted a contentious debate before finally voting to extend a COVID-19 disaster declaration with the caveat of making the wearing of masks "highly recommended" but not mandatory. … Find the rest of this story in the Tuesday, July 7, 2020 issue of The Highlander, the newspaper of record for the Highland Lakes. For more information, call 830-693-4367 or email

Texas governor overrides local control of face covering mandates

Shortly after the Marble Falls City Council approved July 2 by a majority vote removing a mandatory face covering order for local businesses, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott overrode the municipality's decision with a sweeping state-wide edict. "Every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household," the order stated. Fines for violations are ordered not to exceed $250.

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